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Up-to-date, specialised strategy is core component of an SMSF professional’s arsenal. SMSF Adviser analyses and interprets regulatory and legislative changes to ensure the SMSF sector is kept informed on the tips, tools and best practice for serving SMSF trustees.

Latest Strategy

Coalition repaying the faithful

The Coalition has repaid the faithful with its decision to abolish tax on $100K earnings in the pension phase.

Latest on reserving — TD 2013/22

A new ATO release (TD 2013/22) provides further guidance for contribution reserving. In many ways, it is very similar to its predecessor, AT

LRBAs: Beware the risks

Although property acquisition can be mesmerising for SMSFs, there are some key risks that need to be considered

Scrapping the education cap

As readers will be well aware, hardly a week has gone by in recent times when one regulator or another has failed to issue a warning about t

SMSF trustees and dishonest conduct

Many do not realise the extent of the disqualified person provisions in the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (Cth) (‘SISA’

Not kidding around

Omniwealth’s managing director spoke to Aleks Vickovich about the convergence of financial services and the role SMSFs can play in the bus

Which political party will deliver better outcomes on superannuation policy?


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