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Up-to-date, specialised strategy is core component of an SMSF professional’s arsenal. SMSF Adviser analyses and interprets regulatory and legislative changes to ensure the SMSF sector is kept informed on the tips, tools and best practice for serving SMSF trustees.

Latest Strategy

SMSFs and automation: a growing demand

BGL’s managing director Ron Lesh speaks to Katarina Taurian about how the company is catering to the technological needs of the expanding

The flight to bricks and mortar

Australia’s love affair with bricks and mortar investment is intensifying and is a key driver of the rise in buyer activity and house pric

Think twice about tax deductions

Thinking of taking a holiday, sorry I meant attending a conference for the education of the fund trustee, with your SMSF paying for you as a

Is SMSF growth out of control?

SMSFs and their seemingly ever-increasing popularity are well known. However, the language being used to describe SMSF growth recently seems

Skeggs Goldstien

With an SMSF Professionals’ Association of Australia (SPAA) chair on board and a history of pre-empting market moves, Katarina Taurian fou

The ATO’s SMSF pension scare

One of the popular benefits of SMSFs has been their potential to defer capital gains tax forever. By accumulating assets in the accumulation

Finally, some certainty around super

Cast your minds back a few months ago to when uncertainty stalked the superannuation industry. There was never-ending speculation emanating

Which political party will deliver better outcomes on superannuation policy?


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