If an auditor can charge $400 per fund and still make a reasonable living, then that's up to them. You can't assume they are doing a shoddy job just because they charge a low fee..view comment
ASIC applies to Federal Court to appoint provisional liquidators to six Macro Group companies.view twitter
Met with some new clients last week who had an existing SMSF set up by an accountant recently (post 1st July 2016). Fund was set up based on 'client direction', no SOA provided, no advice provided, no warnings about loss of insurance, just an instruction to go get a bank account sorted and you can use these forms from the ATO to rollover your existing super..view comment
[email protected] Administration considers redefining trade stats to make trade deficit look worse. Dumb, dishonest and dangerous..view twitter
It will be interesting to see if the ATO gives Financial Planners access to these tools on clients behalf like the Super Balances or will they only be availlable to tax agents.view comment
Welcome to the club Accountants this is what Financial Advisers have had to endure for the past 10 years so get used to it as there is more to come. Easy money for you is now over..view comment
If an #SMSF breach occurs, voluntary trustee disclosure is best. #ATO #SMSFAssoc.view twitter