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Up-to-date, specialised strategy is core component of an SMSF professional’s arsenal. SMSF Adviser analyses and interprets regulatory and legislative changes to ensure the SMSF sector is kept informed on the tips, tools and best practice for serving SMSF trustees.

Latest Strategy

Reigniting the SMSF fee debate

After stirring quite a response from SMSF Adviser readers with her column last month, Olivia Long replies to her critics.

Does property make sense in an SMSF?

If people are being lured into setting up an SMSF solely to borrow to buy property, it is both valid and pertinent for the regulators to rem

Why SMSFs make no sense below $500K

If smaller SMSF funds are ever to make sense, the data shows there is an urgent need for more cost-effective, better performing SMSF outcome

Does size really matter with SMSFs?

The debate swirling around SMSF fees and minimum balances is misleading and often fuelled by those with a vested interest.

Averting non-compliance with LRBAs

A checklist of considerations for professionals dealing with limited recourse borrowing arrangements (LRBAs) in SMSFs to avoid compliance br

Success in spite of scrutiny

SMSF Adviser reflects on the progress and expansion of the SMSF sector in 2013, which was at times overshadowed by controversy

Which political party will deliver better outcomes on superannuation policy?


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