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Latest Strategy

Revisiting reversionary pensions

With the end of financial year period now over, SMSF practitioners should use this time to review their clients’ succession planning, incl

The game is far from over

While global equity markets have been grappling with the risk of higher interest rates, inflation and geo-political events in recent months,

The SG amnesty: Opportunities and risks

The proposed SG amnesty requires a number of serious modifications to enable employers to come forward with legal certainty.

Bitcoin and the SMSF audit dilemma

Regardless of what you think about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, they’re here to stay. SMSF auditors need to understand how to ma

A stocktake of superannuation policy

With the next federal election to be held in 2019, we provide a recap of the substantial changes to superannuation introduced by the Coaliti

The new world of ECPI

Calculation of ECPI in 2017/18 is more complex than in the past for accountants, actuaries, advisers, software providers and trustees.

What does AI mean for superannuation?

Artificial intelligence and robotics are being heralded as a productivity revolution from which no industry is immune, but what does it real

Cryptocurrency versus the auditor

Cryptocurrency will appear in many 2018 financial statements for SMSF clients. What audit evidence do auditors need and how can they make th

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