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Up-to-date, specialised strategy is core component of an SMSF professional’s arsenal. SMSF Adviser analyses and interprets regulatory and legislative changes to ensure the SMSF sector is kept informed on the tips, tools and best practice for serving SMSF trustees.

Latest Strategy

What’s the value of an unlisted asset?

Two recent cases involving SMSF auditors have focused industry attention on the obligation of SMSF auditors to verify assets valued at marke

Alternate directors in the SMSF context Part 2

Following on from our first article on alternative directors, we examine why successor directors provide greater flexibility compared with a

Starting with the right foundation

Deciding on the right business structure is critical when embarking on a property development through an SMSF as different structures come w

Reviewing the SMSF document chain

With the number of death benefit disputes continuing to climb, ensuring a complete document chain, properly appointed trustee, and a careful

Alternate directors in the SMSF context

How does the option of a director nominating an alternate director compare with nominating a successor director in the context of an SMSF?

Does the punishment fit the crime?

While the administrative penalty regime has reduced the number of short-term loans to members, the penalties can be harsh where there are

Which political party will deliver better outcomes on superannuation policy?


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