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QAR set to create opportunities for fintechs, advisers

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By Keeli Cambourne
14 April 2023 — 1 minute read

According to a leading financial software provider, the Quality of Advice Review won’t result in wholesale changes to the way in which professional financial advisers operate, but it may open the door for technology and fintech providers to play a greater role in streamlining services.

Co-CEO and co-founder of Padua Solutions, Anne-Marie Esler, said the benefits of financial advice, its cost and its value will still need to be articulated and many elements of the advice process will remain the same.

  “The list of advice elements remaining the same is a long one. Well-documented research and strategies will still be required, as well as the ability to access quality product research.

“Client goals and objectives will still need to be understood and the scope of advice will need to be bedded down and agreed to prior to delivering the advice.”

 Ms Esler explained there will also be the same requirement to disclose fees and remuneration, and conflicts will need to be managed or avoided.

 “Fee-paying clients will still expect a documented financial plan, and this will almost certainly contain many of the elements that are in an existing Statement of Advice (SOA),” she said.

“Advisers need to remember one of the key issues with client mistrust is engagement; if advisers aren't providing an SOA, it means a key means of communication that assists with engagement – and therefore trust – disappears.

 “Highlighting the value of advice is key, and this requires financial planners evidencing the strategic benefits of their advice, the cost of the advice to the client, and the value that remains thereafter.

 “Licensees will still expect good processes and standards to be met in a manner that can be evidenced, and professional indemnity insurers will also expect strong governance.

 “Of course, ongoing continuing professional development requirements will also still need to be met,” she said.

 Ms Esler said the QAR proposals will intensify competition if the proposal to allow product providers to give scaled advice to clients is implemented. However, she believes this will help drive much-needed innovation from fintech providers, and will promote the provision of quicker, lower-cost advice.

 “The improvements to financial technology will reduce the time it takes to produce advice – which can take up to 30 hours for a complex SOA - and this will reduce the costs involved,” she said.


QAR set to create opportunities for fintechs, advisers
fintech banking smsf czfolr
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