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Software quirk flagged with transfer balance account

Software quirk flagged with transfer balance account

Flagged, red card
Miranda Brownlee
26 June 2018 — 1 minute read

A minor rounding error has been occurring with certain types of software where the software adds a couple of dollars to a client's transfer balance account, according to BDO.

Speaking to SMSF Adviser, BDO superannuation partner Paul Rafton explained that for clients who had to commute an amount to accumulation in order to bring their retirement phase account down to the $1.6 million, there is a rounding issue error occurring with certain software where it adds a couple of dollars to the transfer balance account amount.

"When clients do that commutation to the $1.6 million, some of the software we're finding is coming up with $1,600,002 for whatever reason. It's some kind of rounding error," explained Mr Rafton. 


"It's a bit of a quirky one. I don't think its a material issue, more of a nuisance factor but whether that triggers anything in the ATO systems when those balances are reported in the TBAR will be interesting." 

Mr Rafton said its unclear whether this would be automatic trigger for the ATO or whether they would apply common sense and recognise that its not a material amount and clearly a rounding issue.

Software quirk flagged with transfer balance account
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