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Future focused

Future focused

Miranda Brownlee
17 March 2016 — 1 minute read

Access Super Audit director Vivian Bai tells Miranda Brownlee why adopting improved audit technology is negating the need for overseas outsourcing.

The decision to establish her own business first came, Vivian Bai says, when she was working as an accountant in SMSF administration. The accounting team she was part of worked purely off financial reports and had almost zero contact with clients.

“There were two things missing for me when I was employed; firstly I didn’t feel I was helping anyone or making any difference, and secondly my interest in SMSFs went beyond accounting,” she explains.


While she was still employed, she completed an RG146 course. She then resigned to set up Super Access Audit with the help of two of her previous colleagues.

Building efficiency

A key focus for the business right from the beginning has been improving efficiency and creating a paperless, online-only audit firm.

“I designed my own audit program and I constantly improve it to minimise passive tasks,” says Ms Bai.

“My audit program also highlights riskier areas automatically based on the input of financials.”

The firm still works with accountants using paper-based filing systems, however, by using scanned copies of the documents to complete the audit.

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Future focused
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