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Poor IT systems leading to high staff turnover

Poor IT systems leading to high staff turnover

Miranda Brownlee
17 August 2015 — 1 minute read

Inefficient IT systems and processes are one of the main causes of employee dissatisfaction and often lead to higher rates of staff turnover, according to one human resources consultant.

Speaking to SMSF Adviser, Inspire People Consulting principal Elisa Nudelman said when IT systems are down or too slow this impacts on the employee’s ability to do their work, leading to frustration and the employee potentially leaving.

“Investing in anything that helps people to do their roles more effectively is always going to be of benefit,” said Ms Nudelman.


“Having great systems and processes in place to ensure employee’s working lives are more efficient will also be beneficial for the bottom line.”

Former CPA president for the NSW division and Knight Partners principal Peter Knight said systems and automation reduce the “level of mind-numbing work” undertaken by employees.

Improved systems and automation are not just about 'ensuring the numbers are correct', they are also about what other insights accountants can get from information so as to be able to help the client.

“That means you can show the client the financial impact of different scenarios,” said Mr Knight.

“It certainly changes the level of the relationship with the client, but for the accounting firm, that’s really good work and a lot of accountants get professional enjoyment from the work they’re doing compared to if they’re just crunching out tax returns.”

Poor IT systems leading to high staff turnover
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