Class Super partners with actuarial certificate provider

Class Super users will now be able to access actuarial certificates following a partnership between an actuarial certificate provider and Class Super.

Users will be able to request a certificate from Haintz Actuarial from within the Class Super application.

According to Class Super, “the actuarial percentage and supporting documentation [is] returned to them in just a matter of minutes”.

“Traditionally, completing this process manually takes up to a day or more,” the firm said.

Once the percentage is returned to Class Super, accounts are automatically updated and the certificate stored with the record of the percentage.

Class Super chief executive Kevin Bungard said the ability to request actuarial certificates within Class Super drives major efficiencies for the company’s clients.

“Haintz is a highly reputable specialist provider of actuarial certificates and in response to client demand we’re pleased to welcome their professional approach and technical expertise to the Class Super ecosystem,” said Mr Bungard.

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