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Accurium launches retirement risk assessment service

By sreporter
February 19 2015
1 minute read

Accurium has announced the launch of a retirement ‘healthcheck’ service for accountants and SMSF practitioners to use with their clients. 

The retirement healthcheck enables accountants and practitioners to assess the risk that their retirement plan will succeed or fail, Accurium said earlier this week.

The service enables accountants and SMSF practitioners to check and assess a household’s ability to sustain a desired level of spending for the duration of retirement.


“There is a growing realisation that many retirees do not have a clear picture of the sustainability of their retirement savings,” said chief executive of Accurium Tracy Williams.

“Research conducted by Accurium shows that 75 per cent of typical 65-year-old couples do not have enough assets in their SMSF to sustain $100,000 per annum for life in retirement.

“Because we all know that investment markets don’t move in a straight line, we’ve taken an approach that takes into account the probability of investment market and inflation risk. Importantly, it also includes longevity risk in the modelling because the wide range of possible planning horizons is a key factor.”