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‘Superannuation is our number one challenge’: ASIC

‘Superannuation is our number one challenge’: ASIC

James Mitchell
27 March 2014 — 1 minute read

The corporate regulator has said that superannuation is its greatest challenge and that the growth in SMSFs is one of its main focus areas.

Speaking at the ASIC Annual Forum earlier this week, ASIC chair Greg Medcraft said the growth of the superannuation sector, particularly SMSFs, is a priority area of focus for ASIC.

“It’s our number one challenge, frankly, because with superannuation investing, most of the time the products that we regulate are what the gatekeepers regulate,” he said.


“Super cuts across everything - particularly SMSFs, which cut across products and gatekeepers.

“Whether it be investor protection or markets, super really cuts across everything we do and it really predominates.”

Mr Medcraft also said ASIC’s organisational structure is appropriate to its mandate of investor protection and fairer and transparent markets.

“We’ve got an organisation which is aligned with our objectives, so I think we have the right organisation,” he said.

“The key thing is about being smarter about what we do. I think that is important.”

‘Superannuation is our number one challenge’: ASIC
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