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Super investment reviews vital, warns Centric

By sreporter
October 03 2013
1 minute read

Following its warning against establishing an SMSF with a small balance, Centric has reminded investors and advisers to review and adjust superannuation investments to maximise asset returns.

“The right investment structure is an essential part of the financial planning process because it dictates how your assets work for you, now and in the future,” said Centric's Adam Pearsall.

“Because investment structures control how your investments are legally owned, it is vitally important you review them when your financial or family circumstances change due to a bereavement, inheritance, divorce or changes to your employment status.”


Mr Pearsall also emphasised the importance of seeking professional advice, given the differentiation between each investment structure.

“It is vital that investors seek professional advice when choosing how their assets are going to be held and managed,” Mr Pearsal said.

“Investors should seek professional help to review their investment structures on a regular, if not ongoing, basis. This will help ensure their assets are working as effectively as possible to meet their current and future financial objectives.”

Centric’s technical specialist Natasha Panagis previously told SMSF Adviser investors should ensure they are suited to their chosen superannuation structure, particularly if that is an SMSF.