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SMSFs ‘sick’ of institutional fund managers

By Owen Holdaway
August 15 2013
1 minute read

Fund managers who are large shareholders in their own fund offer an attractive vehicle for SMSF trustees to invest in, according to Cadence Capital Limited.

The ASX Listed Investment Company, which manages money for approximately 1,500 SMSFs, believes many trustees are alienated from the performance of funds distributed on the major platforms.

“SMSFs [are] sick of having [their] managed fund run by AMP or Colonial or one of the big houses,” Karl Siegling, managing director and chief investment officer at Cadence Capital Limited, told SMSF Adviser.


Many funds on the major platforms do not have performance fees and mangers are not heavily invested in the funds, something Mr Siegling also argues does not align the interest of the shareholders with the fund managers.

“Most institutional business is set up with a management fee, there is no performance fee, and the fund managers do not invest in the fund. That is diametrically opposed to what we are doing,” he said.

Cadence Capital Limited, which has an “open mandate” to invest in Australian equities, believes this message is getting more traction amongst investors.