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SMSFs missing growth opportunities

By Katarina Taurian
June 27 2013
1 minute read

With the end of the commodity boom and limited exposure to technology sectors in Australia, there are “very few” opportunities for SMSF investors to seek growth domestically, according to Capital 19 Global Investments.

While SMSF investors have access to income stocks in domestic markets, there is a “problem” for investors when it comes to accessing growth assets, owner of Capital 19 Matthew Jones told SMSF Adviser.

The only sector dealing with growth among listed shares is mining companies, said Mr Jones. He added that despite technology being a “huge growth sector” globally, there is limited access to technology companies in Australia.


“There are sectors that are achieving huge growth and we know nothing about them in Australia,” Mr Jones said.

“If you’re looking for growth out of stocks you’re going to struggle in Australia. Until the mining sector comes back into favour, it’s going to be really hard to get any decent growth out of your stocks.”

Mr Jones indicated that Australian markets are down 25 to 30 per cent from their all-time highs, while markets such as the United States are achieving “huge growth,” with the Dow Jones index up nine per cent in the past year.

“If you are trying to grow your SMSF, for example, if you are in accumulation phase... you need growth assets [and] you need sectors that offer growth,” Mr Jones said.

“Most SMSF advisers would recommend their clients have some kind of international exposure,” he continued. “Australia makes up less than two per cent of global markets... So by limiting yourself to Australia, you’re really limiting your opportunity for growth.”