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New Investment Product For High Net Worths set to Disrupt The Industry

New Investment Product For High Net Worths set to Disrupt The Industry

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25 May 2017 — 1 minute read

Promoted by IPO Wealth. 

Melbourne-based investment management company, IPO Wealth, has recently launched a disruptive investment product aimed at higher net worth customers who are not happy with earning low rates of return on idle money.

The investment product, a "Term Investment", provides customers with the option of 3, 6, 12, 24, 36 and 60 month terms at attractive advertised rates currently ranging from 3.25% to 6.45% per annum.  With the Reserve Bank of Australia’s base rate at 1.5% and inflation at 2.1% IPO Wealth’s Term Investments are aimed at helping higher net worth customers build on their wealth.

IPO Wealth's Managing Director, James Mawhinney, said "It's about time someone entered the market with an investment product tailored toward higher net worth customers.  They are generally more sophisticated and expect better returns.  Unfortunately, most places to invest for fixed terms pay the same rate regardless of your investment amount".


The company attributes its ability to offer the investment product to running a cost-effective business model and making strategic investments locally and internationally in growth companies.

Disrupting the Way Investors Think

IPO Wealth advises its investors that it is not a bank and that the investment product has a higher risk than cash investment products, though this has not stopped the company attracting the interest of many investors across Australia.

IPO Wealth has no setup fees or account-keeping fees and has opted for a transparent approach to its fee structure by providing customers with a detailed Information Memorandum.

Making Smart, Strategic Investments in Growth Companies

The IPO Wealth group has a portfolio of debt and equity investments in growth companies.  The company's investment strategy is to identify businesses in Australia and abroad that are undergoing a period of growth, need access to capital, and have a clear exit strategy.

"As an innovative, disruptive company we like to focus on growth industries, the ones that are generating above average returns," said Mr Mawhinney.  "These include mobile payments, mobile apps, fintech, big data, smart cities, internet services, e-commerce, shared economy such as Uber-style companies, mining technology, software, and gaming."

IPO Wealth's investment philosophy is that it cannot afford not to be in these industries given the returns that can be achieved by working with technology-based businesses.  That being said, IPO Wealth also has a focus on the property sector as a means of diversifying its interests.

More information on this new investment product is available at www.ipowealth.com.au


New Investment Product For High Net Worths set to Disrupt The Industry
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