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Integrating cloud-based technology into your business

By Content Partner
01 March 2017 — 2 minute read

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NowInfinity is harnessing the capabilities of cloud-based technology to deliver fast and superior solutions to its clients.

In the past 12 months, 150 plus new companies have joined the NowInfinity platform. In this same period, more than 200,000 electronic documents have been generated for accountants, advisers and SMSF strategists.

NowInfinity has also introduced its new user interface to more than 1000 clients, continuing its commitment to enhance its offering.

“NowInfinity is the innovation,” said CEO Amreeta Abbott. “It has provided the Australian market with the first cloud based solution, utilising all the power of being an online system.”

She adds: “The goal was for NowInfinity to be an innovative platform and relieve pain points for all its members, and it truly has helped to shape the business of every member who has utilised its services.”

So how can your business adopt cloud-based technology solutions?

The answer lies in NowInfinity’s own growth story. NowInfinity has evolved from a simple platform solution to the best SMSF document provider in Australia. It has grown from five people to become a mid-size progressive fintech solution business able to assimilate with other technological innovations.

Keeping it simple is what NowInfinity does best. Compliance sits at the core of its approach to technology solutions for the financial services sector. This is not dissimilar to the role compliance plays in advice, accounting and SMSF strategist businesses.

Previously an untouched domain by fintech companies, corporate compliance is easily one of the most challenging and necessary obligations of any financial services business.

Corporate compliance has dominated industry regulation and the it has really become a make or break issue for the industry.

Launched in February 2015, Corporate Messenger is the first cloud based corporate affairs lodgment platform enabling businesses to conduct electronic signing, automatic debt reports, client reminders, payment solutions, customise minutes and resolutions. It is used by Australian financial services practices to ensure they meet ASIC’s requirements.

“The needs of financial services practitioners are closely aligned to what we do and how we approach cloud-based technology solutions,” said Abbott. “It is not such a big step.”

Corporate Messenger has truly revolutionised corporate compliance capabilities by capturing them on one platform, giving practices peace of mind they are meeting their obligations.

Recently the New Zealand Companies Office adopted the capabilities of Corporate Messenger, a huge recommendation for such a quality product. It provides New Zealand companies with a direct linkage to the New Zealand Companies Office and the automation of many company related processes. Automated processes include annual reviews, implementing address changes across multiple companies, multiple log-ins, debt reports and digital signing.

Making compliance accessible, efficient and achievable for accountants, advisers and SMSF strategists is part of Abbott's understanding of what a great fintech company should be able to deliver to its users.

Earlier this year NowInfinity set its sights on revolutionizing trust management and documentation with the launch of its latest cloud-based initiative - The Trust Register

It allows all trust-related documents, including documents for the appointment and removal of trustees, subscription and transfer of units and other trust administration processes to be easily created and managed at the click of a button, decimating the amount of time required for these activities and streamlining the entire process.

“Cloud-based technology is such a great tool and solution for practitioners to integrate into their business, and all it takes is a focus on simplicity.”

Sign up now to NowInfinity and you will receive a $100 document voucher, using the code word, nowinfinity!

NowInfinity, CEO Amreeta Abbott



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