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franking credits

Franking Credits

19 Sep 2018
Contentious franking credits proposal set for review
The economics committee is set to conduct an inquiry into the implications of removing refundable franking credits, as per La...
7 May 2018
Alliance formed in response to Labor franking credits policy
Several associations have formed an alliance aimed at addressing problems with superannuation taxation, pension means testing...
4 May 2015
ATO issues alert on franking credits to SMSFs
The ATO has released a taxpayer alert warning SMSF retirees that they are facing increased regulatory scrutiny in relation to...
21 Aug 2015
Frydenberg spills on franking credits future
As lobbying persists for the franking credits system to be overhauled, Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has this morning s...
23 Oct 2015
The role of franking credits should not be undervalued
When dividend imputation began in 1987 it was heralded by its architect, then Treasurer Paul Keating, as offering an enormous...
18 Nov 2015
Why franking credits should remain untouched
When dividend imputation began in 1987 it was heralded by its architect, then treasurer Paul Keating, as offering an enormous...


Ian Falconer
My guess is that most APRA funds are in accumulation mode, whereas a large number (45% according to the writer) of SMSF are in pension mode. Many entities use franking credits to reduce their tax - al...
There are many potential reasons:1. Contribution caps have significantly reduced and SMSF's are affected far more significantly than larger funds;2. Many funds are still carrying capital losses forwar.....franking credits. They tend to be net refunds.
5. Hence, funds in accum. mode have lower incomes ...
Any system works on the basis that the legislature sets the rules, the executive implements them and the judiciary keeps a watching brief. The public should comply - no more, no less.Emotive words suc.....franking credits are unhelpful at best and misleading at worst. This is what Parliament intended.
Graham Pike
Very simply, the rules are the same for all members of all superannuation funds. Certain individuals choose SMSFs because they are most likely older (and in pension phase) and possibly more capable th.....franking credits (a substantial government saving I suspect)but I haven't seen reported yet. Those F...

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