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Franklin Templeton – SMSF Adviser’s 2023 Fixed Income Provider of the Year

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13 February 2024 — 3 minute read

Winner’s Q&A profile

Q. Can you tell us about Franklin Templeton and its history in the SMSF space?

Franklin Templeton’s history in the SMSF space in Australia is marked by our comprehensive range of investment strategies tailored to the unique needs of self-managed super funds. Over the years, we have developed a robust portfolio of strategies that includes local and international equities, fixed income, and now expanding into alternatives. This wide array of offerings ensures that Australian SMSF trustees can find diverse investment options with us, suitable for a range of investment strategies and risk profiles.

Q. How has Franklin Templeton SMSF service proposition evolved over time?

Our SMSF service proposition is evolving from focusing primarily on traditional asset classes to incorporating more innovative solutions, such as our award-winning global fixed income offerings. Now, we are poised to expand into the alternatives space, aligning with current market best practices and offering SMSF trustees a broader range of investment opportunities. Over the past decade, Franklin Templeton have increased the number of managed investment schemes from 7 to over 30 today. In recent years we have also moved into Active ETFs which have been a popular vehicle for SMSF clients.

Q. What sets Franklin Templeton apart from key competitors? What has underpinned its recent success?

Franklin Templeton distinguishes itself in a competitive financial landscape not only through the expertise and diverse strategies of its specialist investment managers but also with its scale with management of over US$483 billion in fixed income assets. These teams, renowned for their deep research and extensive experience, play a vital role in delivering a broad spectrum of actively managed offerings.

For example, Brandywine Global is celebrated for its disciplined approach and focus on long- term value. Western Asset is recognised as a premier fixed income manager, providing a wide spectrum of strategies for global investors. Additionally, Franklin Templeton Fixed Income is also a strong specialist investment manager, contributing its own unique expertise in fixed income strategies, further enriching the investment options available under the Franklin Templeton umbrella.

This diversity in expertise allows Franklin Templeton to cater to a variety of investment styles and asset classes. The company’s innovation is particularly evident in areas like unconstrained global fixed income investing, where it has been a pioneer for almost three decades.

Additionally, teams like Martin Currie and Royce Investment Partners exemplify the company’s commitment to client-focused equity solutions, with Martin Currie specialising in crafting high-conviction equity portfolios and Royce Investment Partners being a market-leader in small-cap investing for over 50 years.

Q. What are the key differences between servicing SMSF clients and the broader investment market?

SMSF clients differ from the wider market in their need for strategies that have both a long- term outlook and consider their differentiated tax status. Franklin Templeton’s range of offerings in fixed income, international markets, and alternatives can be used to help to meet these unique requirements. SMSF clients typically have larger account balances and their investment philosophy and objectives may lead them to more targeted portfolio allocations, we offer a number of investment solutions within each asset class that can meet specific client investment objectives.

Specifically on retirement-focused products in addition our fixed income offerings, we also have equity income products offered by Martin Currie which are designed to optimise income in retirement which will be beneficial for SMSF clients when they convert from accumulation to decumulation.

Q. What are some of the key metrics or performance indicators attesting to Franklin Templeton’s success in recent years?

We view key indicators of our success as the ability to achieve our investment strategies stated objectives within their respective timeframes. If we deliver performance for our investors this will in turn lead to inflows into Franklin Templeton Funds and the growth of our business overall.

Q. Why should SMSF trustees partner with Franklin Templeton?

SMSF trustees should consider partnering with Franklin Templeton for our unique breadth of offerings and long-standing expertise. Our global resources and local market understanding allows us to create investment strategies that empower trustees to make informed decisions that align with their long-term financial goals.

Q. How did it feel to be recognised as a leading SMSF services provider at the 2023 SMSF Awards?

Being recognised at the 2023 SMSF Awards is a source of immense pride and validation of our team’s hard work. It reinforces our dedication to delivering high-quality service and innovative investment options in the SMSF space.

Q. Looking ahead, how does Franklin Templeton plan to capitalise on its recent successes and further develop its SMSF offering?

Looking forward, we plan to build on our successful fixed income and international investment offerings by further developing our alternatives strategies. Just last year, we launched our first managed fund alternatives product, the Franklin K2 Athena Fund.

This expansion is geared towards providing SMSF trustees with both access to high quality alternatives and the opportunity to diversify and strengthen their investment strategies.

To learn more about how Franklin Templeton can assist you, click here.

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