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Acis – SMSF Adviser’s 2023 SMSF Documentation Provider of the Year

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13 February 2024 — 3 minute read

Winner’s Q&A profile with Mick Nielsen, national account director.

Q. Can you tell us about Acis and its history in the SMSF space?

As a key player in the SMSF industry for over 30 years, Acis has been at the forefront of blending expert knowledge with technological innovation. In my time here, I’ve seen firsthand how we’ve not just participated in the industry but have actively shaped it, leading the way in setting SMSF standards and adapting quickly to new changes.

Our commitment at Acis goes beyond keeping pace with the evolving landscape. We focus on delivering SMSF documents and services that are of the highest quality and practicality. From the beginning to the end of the SMSF management process, we ensure that advisers receive all the support they need.

Q. How has Acis’ SMSF service proposition evolved over time?

The SMSF space is constantly evolving and we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve – we have to be. This is achieved by having the best people and technology solutions all aimed at delivering second-to-none solutions for our clients.

A central part of the evolution of our SMSF offering is SuperDepot, an innovative platform that automates SMSF deed updates. This ensures our clients’ deeds remain current with industry changes, effortlessly and without the usual administrative hassle.

Q. How does Acis help SMSF trustees manage key pain points in the documentation and compliance process?

Acis assists SMSF trustees by providing their advisers with the tools to confidently engage with their trustee clients, providing clarity and assurance when it comes to compliance and documentation.

Q. What sets Acis apart from key competitors? What has underpinned its recent success?

Our investment in people and technology. We appreciate you can’t deliver the best without having the best people. This approach culminates in the perfect blend of humans and technology. An essential blend providing advisers with a fit-for-purpose solution to deliver market-leading legal documents to their clients, without the risk, while taking advantage of all the practice efficiencies technology delivers.

Acis’ enduring success is attributable to our strategic, collaborative approach towards documentation. Our SMSF deeds are the result of collective expertise from a distinguished national panel, comprising our in-house legal professionals, specialist SMSF lawyers, administrators, accountants, and financial planners. We’ve always focused on combining real-world insights with legal expertise, making us a trusted name in SMSF documentation.

Q. What are some of the key metrics and performance indicators attesting to Acis’ success in recent years?

Acis’ success in recent years is evident through key metrics like our growing market share, the positive feedback from clients, and the notable increase in subscriptions to our SuperDepot solution. These factors collectively highlight our strong position and positive impact in the SMSF services market.

Q. Why should SMSF trustees partner with Acis?

Having a strong service and support culture has always underpinned our offering here at Acis. We strive to create strong working relationships, as these are crucial in tailoring solutions that perfectly fit our clients’ needs.

Risk mitigation is also crucial to our offering. Our clients have the assurance that their legal documents are produced by a law firm and not generated by a robotic template solution. This business model is achieved by having our own internally incorporated legal practice and not relying on an outsourced solution, which is common in our industry. We will never let a non- lawyer client create their own legal documents.

Q. How did it feel to be recognised as a leading SMSF services provider at the 2023 SMSF Awards?

Proud! Being recognised for this award for the third time in four years is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and expertise that our team has consistently demonstrated in the SMSF sector. It reaffirms our commitment to excellence and our unwavering focus on delivering the highest standards of service to our clients.

Q. Looking ahead, how does Acis plan to capitalise on its recent successes and further develop its SMSF offering?

To maintain our leading edge, Acis is committed to continuously listening to our clients’ needs. This feedback-driven approach guides our ongoing evolution.

The feedback we’ve received clearly indicates the effectiveness of the SuperDepot platform and our SMSF software integrations in improving operational efficiency. Moving forward, our focus will be on further enhancing these tools while continuing to explore new opportunities.

To learn more about how Acis can assist you, click here.

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