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11 Jun 2021
Crypto crackdown underway as ATO locks in data-matching program
Over 600,000 Australians who have invested in cryptocurrency will now be unable to hide from their tax obligations as the ATO...
10 Jun 2021
Younger clients ‘changing the dynamic’ with crypto
Cash-strapped Gen Y and Z consumers are increasingly turning to crytpocurrency as a solution to grow wealth, despite the fact...
8 Apr 2021
SMSFs looking to ride the crypto wave
Growing interest in cryptocurrency investment in Australia has spread to the SMSF sector, with funds drawn to the appeal of c...
29 Jun 2018
Cryptocurrency versus the auditor
Cryptocurrency will appear in many 2018 financial statements for SMSF clients. What audit evidence do auditors need and how c...
31 May 2018
Cryptocurrency investments a liability risk for SMSF firms, law firm warns
SMSF practitioners that assist clients to invest in cryptocurrencies could find themselves exposed to legal liabilities where...
3 Apr 2018
New rules capture SMSFs trading big with cryptocurrency
Sizeable cryptocurrency transactions will “come to the attention of the ATO” under new rules that came into effect this w...
19 Mar 2018
ATO issues update on cryptocurrency compliance traps
The ATO has provided further details on some of the regulatory considerations with cryptocurrency for SMSFs, including valuat...
7 Feb 2018
Government told to boost resources for cryptocurrency regulation
With digital currencies and other evolving technologies representing a serious financial crime threat, one accounting body is...
6 Feb 2018
Critical audit requirement flagged for cryptocurrency
For clients invested in cryptocurrencies, SMSF auditors will need to pay attention to any sharp price movements between the b...
2 Feb 2018
Cryptocurrency attacks exposing SMSFs to fraud risks
SMSFs that are invested in bitcoin have been warned that through co-ordinated attacks on cryptocurrency, hackers may be able ...
30 Jan 2018
‘Read the tea leaves,’ brace for cryptocurrency regulation, advisers told
Despite cryptocurrency not being regulated as a financial product, the requisites of best interests duty still strictly apply...
19 Jan 2018
Why cryptocurrency is SMSF kryptonite
We are continuing to see the relentless pursuit of a volatile, high risk, overheated investment that has no underlying assets...
17 Jan 2018
Cryptocurrency in ATO’s sights as ‘FOMO’ seeps into SMSF sector
Both advised and non-advised SMSF trustees are increasingly looking to add cryptocurrency to their superannuation portfolios ...


No different to investing and losing money on Australian shares or better still managed investments that were backed by the govt and the ATO. ie - Great Southern. Cryptocurrency is no different to a.....cryptocurrency is no different to any other investment. High volatility creates opportunities for h...
It doesn't have to be difficult. Steps below: - Purchase a hardware wallet (e.g. Ledger Nano S or Trezor) for around $100 - $150 - Register as an SMSF (not an individual) at a cryptocurrency excha...
James O'Donoghue
It can be incredibly valuable for people to note that when investing capital from a SMSF into cryptocurrency there can be substantial gains found by using an over the counter brokerage specialised in ...

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