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I agree, we have experienced a lot of grey areas over the past 12 months, ASIC, Accounting Bodies, Professional Associations and Advisers have focused on assisting Accountants to obtain their limited licence..view comment
Helpful advice for SMSF trustees mixing up $1.6m caps #SMSF .view twitter
Only the Liberals could make such complicated new Super Laws when it could be achieved so much more simply!.view comment
I'd like to know how a market linked pension (non-commutable) is going to be treated for the 1.6M cap? Will the excess be allowed to be commuted? If a client has both market linked and allocated pensions, will they be forced to commute part of the allocated pension? Perhaps a suggestion for a future article?.view comment
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I'm pretty uncomfortable with the idea of private sector running these databases. #myefo #asic....view twitter