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New guide offers fresh solutions for SMSF professionals

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October 04 2023
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Amid complex regulations and ongoing market volatility, the role of SMSF professionals has never been more critical. A new e-book delves into a range of cutting-edge solutions designed to help professionals streamline and enhance their service to clients.

SMSF Adviser has launched a new e-book, the SMSF Professionals Guide FY23–24, which provides qualified SMSF professionals with strategies and solutions from leading experts and innovators.

Australians are increasingly switching to SMSFs to shore up their financial futures, However, the trustees of the over 600,000 SMSFs currently operating in Australia face a complex task – not only managing compliance obligations and investment outcomes but navigating recent market volatility, higher interest rates and macroeconomic uncertainty. The role of qualified advisers is more important than ever.


SMSF Adviser has designed the e-book to offer a host of innovative solutions to help professionals deliver the best possible outcomes for their clients in the current environment. A copy can be downloaded here.

Topics covered in the e-book include:

  • Navigating the regulatory environment

This chapter, produced in partnership with Hefron, explores ways for SMSF trustees and their advisers to remain up-to-date with ongoing regulatory changes.

“Our team are passionate about raising standards within the super industry,” Lyn Formica, head of education & content at Heffron, said.

“In today’s ever-changing landscape, keeping on top of regulatory change is a must for all SMSF trustees and the professionals who guide them.

“We’re excited to be empowering those in the SMSF industry as a contributor to the SMSF Professionals Guide 23/24.”

  • Embracing generational shifts and evolving technology

While older Australians still dominate the SMSF space, millennials are now increasingly looking to SMSFs to build their wealth – in fact, nearly 50 per cent of all SMSFs established in the 2022 financial year were by people aged 35 to 44.

Guided by co-sponsors HUB24 and Class, this chapter explains how SMSF professionals can capitalise on this generational shift.

“In our chapter we discuss Millennials’ increasing adoption of SMSFs to build and secure their wealth amid financial uncertainty,” Greg Hansen, executive, group strategy at HUB24, commented.

“We highlight the need for technology adaptation by professionals to cater to the younger demographic, including the use of secure client portals for a mobile-based experience.”

  • Designing retirement solutions for a longer life

As life expectancy and the cost of living both continue to rise, outlasting their superannuation funds has become a tangible concern for retirees.

Allianz Retire+ explains how its offering should be considered as part of a healthy retirement planning strategy.

“The solutions that retirees have relied on for decades need to be optimised for a future where people are living longer and every dollar must be stretched further,” chapter expert Simon Aboud, chief product and marketing officer at Allianz Retire+ said.

“In this chapter of the SMSF professionals guide, we delve into the changing retirement landscape and the golden opportunities it offers.”

  • Exploring the potential of cryptocurrency in SMSFs

This chapter, sponsored by Digital Surge, explores the opportunities offered by cryptocurrency, which stands as a compelling modern asset class, and one which has captured the interest of the SMSF market.

“Discover the cryptocurrency landscape within SMSFs. Embrace the potential of this modern asset class, offering substantial returns and diversification opportunities,” Dan Rutter, Co-founder and CEO of Digital Surge, commented.

“Learn from Bitcoin's resilient journey and its appeal as a store of value. With prudent strategies, regulatory awareness, and security measures, SMSFs can navigate the evolving crypto landscape for a brighter financial future.”

  • Leveraging tech to boost efficiency

This chapter, sponsored by Ignition Advice, explores how to leverage the latest innovations in software, computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to improve all facets of the service delivery process, help to reduce business and consumer costs, simplify compliance, drive lead generation, and enhance the consumer experience.

“If you're in the financial services sector and are yet to fully embrace technology to enhance your services offering; then I'm afraid you are now officially a tech-adoption 'laggard',” David New, managing director, APAC at Ignition Advice said.

“However, it's not too late—but you need to act quickly to avoid losing clients to those offering a better customer experience.”

  • The role and challenges of outsourcing in the SMSF industry

Sponsored by AccSource, this chapter explores how the SMSF industry can use offshore staff to take the strain off their onshore workers and bolster their overall offering.

“As the global business environment continuously evolves, the role of efficiency in SMSFs becomes increasingly intricate,” Boobalan Madhavan, founder and CEO of AccSource, observed.

“In AccSource’s chapter of the SMSF Professionals Guide, we illuminate the transformative power of outsourcing, drawing upon a deep well of experience in enabling SMSF professionals to stay ahead of the curve.

“By harnessing the blend of technological advancements and a trained talent pool, we aim to provide a roadmap that guides professionals through next-generation SMSF management. Join us in this chapter as we craft the future narrative of efficient SMSF administration.”

  • Overcoming tax hurdles

As SMSFs begin to embrace crypto allocations in their investment strategies, they need to be aware of in terms of tax compliance obligations.

In this chapter, sponsor Crypto Tax Calculator unpacks how SMSF professionals can navigate the complexities of tax compliance.

“With cryptocurrencies gaining recognition as a legitimate investment, and entering SMSF portfolios, it is now essential to understand their nuances and tax implications,” co-founder & CEO of Crypto Tax Calculator, said.

“In this chapter, we explore the tax implications and common mistakes made with crypto, and arm SMSF professionals with the tools they need to navigate this space,” says Shane Brunette.”

Together with its partners, SMSF Adviser hopes this e-book will provide the industry with actionable insights and innovative strategies to drive strong client outcomes.

A copy of the SMSF Professionals Guide FY23–24 can be downloaded here.

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