8:00AM - 8:25AM





The major technical, regulatory and legislative changes impacting SMSFs this year and beyond

Australia’s foremost expert on SMSF-related policy and regulation brings you the
must-know developments and projections for the SMSF landscape, including:

  • Key ATO decisions, rulings and landmark cases that shape how you can and should give advice
  • Significant legislation that has passed or is in the works
  • New and emerging SMSF strategies stemming from this year’s federal budget and tax policy agenda
Peter Burgess


9:30AM - 10:00AM



New and emerging liability considerations for SMSF accountants and advisers

Two of Australia’s top SMSF specialist lawyers use recent case studies to explain how the scope of liability has changed for SMSF practitioners, and what new strategies are necessary as a result. They run through:

  • Lessons from significant court cases and disputes
  • What you are (and are not) covered for with professional indemnity insurance
  • How to define your engagement and involvement with a client
  • What ASIC is checking with your document trail

Scott Hay-Bartlem will be speaking at Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth
Clinton Jackson will be speaking at Sydney and Melbourne

Scott Hay-Bartlem

Cooper Grace Ward – Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth

Clinton Jackson

Cooper Grace Ward – Sydney and Melbourne


Contribution strategies in a post-election, post-reform environment

A longstanding expert on technical SMSF matters explains new types of contributions strategies, considerations and pitfalls to examine under the current government and in a post reform environment, including:

  • How to make use of new vehicles such as the downsizer allowances
  • How to best structure catch-up contributions
  • Critical new considerations, including the work test exemption
  • Contribution reserving strategies: the do's and don'ts
Colin Lewis


12:00 - 1:00PM



Strategies and crucial new considerations for pensions

One of Australia’s leading technical experts explains what the cumulative effect of several years of changes to laws relating to income streams has had on how to best structure and manage pensions, including:

  • The new reporting landscape: tips, traps and what’s to come
  • How different structures interact with the TBAR regime, including reversionary pensions
  • Crucial considerations for deeds and documents in the new environment
  • Important changes to ECPI
Craig Day

Colonial First State


The state of play with LRBAs: the rules, restrictions and what the regulator is watching with you and your clients

LRBAs and related strategies have been hit with a host of changes in recent years, and been out of favour for some time with the federal government. This advice and SMSF expert, gives a comprehensive rundown of the state of play, what strategies are on the regulator radar, and the must-know strategies for SMSF practitioners.

  • Crackdown on NALI: what to watch out for with your clients
  • Critical considerations for related party dealings and what the regulator is watching in SMSFs
  • Legislation both passed and upcoming and its impact on loans and property
  • How are SMSFs financing LRBAs in a tough borrowing environment?
Julie Steed


3:00PM - 3:30PM



ATO INSIGHT AND Q&A: Updates on key decisions and upcoming expectations for SMSFs

The Tax Office will bring you exclusive insights and projections to the SMSF Summit, as well as taking live questions from the audience. You will learn:

  • Key items on the compliance and regulatory agenda in 2019/20 and beyond
  • What key ATO decisions mean for your SMSF clients
  • What the new and emerging areas of focus are for SMSFs
  • Live Q&A: A chance to have your questions answered by the ATO
Melanie Casey

Director SMSF Client Experience, Australian Taxation Office - Adelaide

Dana Fleming

Assistant Commissioner, Australian Taxation Office - Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth

Kellie Grant

Director (A/G), Self-managed Super Funds Approved Auditors Portfolio Superannuation, Australian Taxation Office - Sydney



4:30PM - 7:00PM