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Why SMSFs will rise above the mudslinging
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Why SMSFs will rise above the mudslinging

Peter Lalor
03 August 2015 — 1 minute read

The fight for super fund members is well and truly underway, and you can expect the smsf sector to compete vigorously

It is unlikely that retail and industry funds will ever really drive innovation in the superannuation industry – they are just too large and too slow to do it. It is much more likely that SMSFs and other investment platforms will continue to drive innovation and retail and industry superannuation funds will continue to play catch-up.

However, over the past few months there have been a number of articles in the press declaring the end of significant growth in self-managed superannuation and the emergence of new, more competitive retail and industry funds.


The authors suggest that retail and industry funds will use innovation to become more competitive. More competitive retail and industry funds will mean that SMSFs will be less attractive and growth in the sector will stall. It all sounds quite logical but, based on track record, not really believable.

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Why SMSFs will rise above the mudslinging
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