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Feature Articles

Feature Articles

Latest Feature Articles

Keeping it personal

Novo Super general manager Paul May discusses how he and his business partner created an accessible administration service with a personal t

Disruption on the horizon

Superfund Partners director Kris Kitto tells Miranda Brownlee why the “writing is already on the wall” when it comes to the disruption a

Finding value in Europe

A sluggish Australian economy has pushed many SMSF trustees to consider investment in foreign equities. Could Europe be one region that offe

Pensions in focus

The ATO recently announced that pensions will increasingly be an area of focus in the 2015-16 financial year. Katarina Taurian went one-on-o

Divide and conquer

MGD Wealth chief executive John Barton tells Miranda Brownlee how assigning each team member with a different specialisation has kept his fi

Golden opportunities

As an SMSF investment, gold is often criticised because it does not produce income – so is it still worth clients holding this asset class

Which political party will deliver better outcomes on superannuation policy?


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